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Website Changes for RBSS Theatre Department 

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  • Under “Teechamitsa Theatre” can we just have the link to the Teechamitsa website. Also, Theatre is spelled incorrectly—it is “Theatre” (ends in re, not er)
  • Instead of “Drama” can we please have “Theatre Department.” We don’t need the “Film and TV”/”Musical Theatre” pop-outs.
  1. Theatre Department Page:

The Theatre Department at Royal Bay offers an extensive program of theatre courses both on stage and back stage. Courses include: Drama 9/10, Acting 11/12, Senior Acting Company, Musical Theatre, and Theatre Production. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Department’s Theatre Company, The Black Wing Theatre Company where three main stage productions are produced every year in our beautiful 347-seat Teechamitsa Theatre.

Please check out our website for more information or contact Theatre Director, Melissa Young: myoung@sd62.bc.ca