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Mrs. Windy Beadall – Principal   wbeadall@sd62.bc.ca

Mr. Mike Bobbit – Vice Principal (Students A to K) mbobbitt@sd62.bc.ca

Mr. Mike Huck – Vice Principal (Students L to Z) mhuck@sd62.bc.ca


Barbour, Tebeth  tbarbour@sd62.bc.ca  (Students A – K)
Cooper, Wendy  wcooper@sd62.bc.ca  (Students M – Z)
Jones, Steve  mailto:sjones@sd62.bc.ca  (Students I – L & International)


Andersen, LeAnn  landersen@sd62.bc.ca
Bezeau, Rowan  rbezeau@sd62.bc.ca
Birtwistle, Camilla cbirtwistle@sd62.bc.ca
Booth, David  dbooth@sd62.bc.ca
Brady, Elliot  ebrady@sd62.bc.ca (Semester 1 only)
Bronson, Barb bbronson@sd62.bc.ca
Burgess, Mark  mburgess@sd62.bc.ca
Burrows, Lisa  lburrows@sd62.bc.ca
Coppens, Anthony  acoppens@sd62.bc.ca
Currey, Caitlin ccurrey@sd62.bc.ca
Curtis, Margaret  mcurtis@sd62.bc.ca
Demmings, Ross  rdemmings@sd62.bc.ca
DiFelice, Linda ldiFelice@sd62.bc.ca
Diponio, Dante  ddiponio@sd62.bc.ca
Doerksen, Darrell ddoerksen@sd62.bc.ca
Eldridge, Miles meldredge@sd62.bc.ca
Evans, Joel  jevans@sd62.bc.ca
Froess, John  jfroess@sd62.bc.ca
Furdal, Monica  mfurdal@sd62.bc.ca
Gibson, James jagibson@sd62.bc.ca
Haaf, Martin
Haddon, Lori lhaddon@sd62.bc.ca
Harmeson, Matt mharmeson@sd62.bc.ca
Harrington, Kevin  kharrington@sd62.bc.ca
Harrington, Leanne  lharrington@sd62.bc.ca
Harris, Amy  aharris@sd62.bc.ca
Harris, Troy  tharris@sd62.bc.ca
Hazel, Trevor thazel@sd62.bc.ca
Hobson, Brian  bhobson@sd62.bc.ca
Hotovy, Maria  mhotovy@sd62.bc.ca
Hobson, Brian bhobson@sd62.bc.ca
Huculak, Danielle  dhuculak@sd62.bc.ca
Leswal, Sarah  sleswal@sd62.bc.ca
L’Heureux, Sabrina  slheureux@sd62.bc.ca
MacKinnon, Dian  dmackinnon@sd62.bc.ca
MacNeil, Lucas  lmacneil@sd62.bc.ca
MacRae, Kirk  kmacrae@sd62.bc.ca
May, Norma Jean  njmay@sd62.bc.ca
McAllister, Rob rmcallister@sd62.bc.ca
McIntosh, John jmacintosh@sd62.bc.ca
Mennie, John jmennie@sd62.bc.ca
Moyes, Greg gmoyes@sd62.bc.ca
Oikawa, Greg  goikawa@sd62.bc.ca
Peacock, Elliot epeacock@sd62.bc.ca
Pell, Shaun spell@sd62.bc.ca
Phillips, Tanya  tphillips@sd62.bc.ca
Puszka, Angela apuszka@sd62.bc.ca
Rasmussen, Regan rrasmussen@sd62.bc.ca
Reynolds, Alyssa  areynolds@sd62.bc.ca
Ruff, Robin  rruff@sd62.bc.ca
Sadler, Steve ssadler@sd62.bc.ca
Satchwell, Sandra  ssatchwell@sd62.bc.ca
Scott-Moncrieff, Colin cscottmoncrieff@sd62.bc.ca
Simms, Charles  csimms@sd62.bc.ca
Skleton, Loni lskelton@sd62.bc.ca
Snowsell, Karen  ksnowsell@sd62.bc.ca
Solsberg, Mariel  msolsberg@sd62.bc.ca
Sundher, David sundher@sd62.bc.ca
ten-Hove, Jacqueline  jtenhove@sd62.bc.ca
Vincent, Mary  mvincent@sd62.bc.ca
Vink, Stephanie  svink@sd62.bc.ca
Waterlander, Paul  pwaterlander@sd62.bc.ca
White, Robyn  rwhite@sd62.bc.ca
Whitney, Glenn  gwhitney@sd62.bc.ca
Wong, Jadia    jwong@sd62.bc.ca
Wood, Megan  mwood@sd62.bc.ca
Yarchuk, Michaeline myarchuk@sd62.bc.ca
Young, Melissa  myoung@sd62.bc.ca
Young-Thompson  hyoungthompson@sd62.bc.ca



Carlson, Jeanette jcarlson@sd62.bc.ca
Kerr, Nadyne  nkerr@sd62.bc.ca
Thomson, Charlene cthomson@sd62.bc.ca
Whittaker, Elizabeth ewhittaker@sd62.bc.ca
Glanfield, Michelle  (Career Centre) mglanfield@sd62.bc.ca
Martin, Sheila (Learning Commons) smartin@sd62.bc.ca
Willing, Melanie (Lab Technician) mwilling@sd62.bc.ca



Bunyan, Kim
Carlson, Lisa
Clarke, Margurite
Edgington, Michelle
Evans, Josh
Habberlin, Alica
Halls, Renee
Keane, Hilary
Kirwin, Katherine
Lane, Peggy
Laing, Heather
Lonsdale, Rhonda
McBride, Catherine
Mitchell, Maureen
Rosen, Joanne
Thompson, Bev
Vaudry, Janey
Veitch, Stacey



Laing, Heather
Foster, Marian
Yates, Barb



Anderson, Keith
Bain, Clayton – Head Custodian
Brown, Linda
Lasall, Ray
McKenzie, Janet
Stewart, Nicole
Weinberger, Dale